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Sorry, Imade a mistake in recent voting, so all who have already voted need to revote. Vote in comments, please! Remember, you need to vote in order of your preference, because votes are weighted! Thank you very much!
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Challenge_36. Voting

I'm a bit upset, because I've got so few entries( Usually I start the voting when I have at least 11 icons for voting, but this challenge lasts 2 weeks already and I have to do the voting with only 9 icons! Anyway, thank to all who entered!)

UPD1: I forgot 1 icon to add to voting, please revote all, who have voted already! Thanks!)

UPD2: Please vote in comments. Comments are screened.

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Так идея станет реальностью...


Our next challenge will be devoted to the new Disney couple - princess Tiana and the Frog, or rather prince Naveen! I don't watch the movie yet but I believe it's great as every Disney movie))

Theme: Tiana & Naveen ("Princess and the Frog")

Your task is to make icon with this couple! You can use any image of them, just remember, that both characters must be on your icons) Have fun!)

Here are some examples:

© Disney


You may submit up to three (3) icons. They must be new and LJ-friendly.
Use either the pictures given or any other pics with provided Disney couple.
Both characters (female and male) from a couple must be on your icon.
Since we talk about Disney movies, check out this link with list of all Disney movies.
This is a stillness community, so no animation is allowed.
Brushes, text, blending, etc. are fine.
Deadline for this challenge is
Saturday, February 6th @ 23:59 (Russia: Moscow).

Entries: 10